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CTube! - Get your broadcast fix!

Submitted by hbarnett on Mon, 2007-05-07 02:20.
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All functions of this application are self-explanatory, making it easy for novices and experts to navigate station menus. My one feature request would be capability to view the station menu and the channel I'm currently watching simultaneously (something cable and satellite don't do either).
CTube! requires either Windows Media Player and/or RealPlayer to make it work. The downloading of either program may either slow or corrupt any concurrent programs running at the time of installation.

Climbing prices for television subscription services have consumers everywhere looking for alternative ways to get their broadcast fix. CTube! delivers over 1,300+ Internet television stations & Web cams, with no subscription fees and no additional hardware requirements.

What is CTube?

CTube! is an onscreen guide & interface for Internet TV. The application works with Windows Media Player & RealPlayer to broadcast content on your PC. Equipped with o subscription fees, CTube! includes hundreds of channels without charging an ongoing fee. & amongst other things, CTube! requires no additional hardware requirements. Your computer's video card will work for playing all CTube! stations. Internet TV broadcasts do not require a TV tuner card.

With over 1,300+ channels of content, sports, news, music, entertainment, government programming, science & educational broadcasts, as well as religious services are available via the CTube! station menu. Additionally, available content is different than traditional cable network offerings & international content, including BBC coverage and sporting events are given exceptional coverage. Some broadcasts offer more than one language version, so expect some duplicates in the list. Like cable and satellite TV, the CTube! station guide includes some adult material; if you have children, this application should be supervised the same way you supervise your TV.

CTube!'s capable of sorting low & high bandwidth stations, thus users can filter station listings by connection speed. For example, if you use dial-up Internet access, you can easily filter out stations optimized for cable and DSL customers. & lastly, scan multiple stations. Select two or more stations & CTube! loads content, giving you a thirty-second preview of each station before moving to the next broadcast in the scan. This feature is great for previewing unfamiliar stations or for channel surfing. If you happen to find a station with something worth viewing, stop the scan and watch.


No subscription fee is the single biggest selling point of CTube! I'm a huge music fan & love the coverage of independent music. For access to international news & sporting events, nothing offers the same content depth in any price range. If you're addicted to network sitcoms, CTube! won't replace your current TV selection; it will offer alternative programming at an affordable price.