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Youdagames: Synapsis 2

Submitted by Joelle3800 on Mon, 2011-09-05 15:00.
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Good graphics and effects
Scary, obnoxious music, seems to have no point to it, random creepy laughs.

As with all their games, there was a long wait time before I could play, and even after that there were more advertisements before the game actually opened, as well as a psychotic opening with pretty strange graphics. Then a joker box appeared out of nowhere with a creepy laugh and just about scared me to death!

After the frightening opening, I was finally able to actually start playing. I didn't really know what I was doing. The game is filled with strange eye symbols and eerie sound effects. Right from the beginning is seemed like an escape game because you can only click on a few things, and one of the first things I could do was pick up an unexplained key.

One of the first strange things is that glass and doors act like portals that ripple when you mouse over them.

Over all, the game had great quality graphics but was too scary for me. I might have liked it better if I understood what was going on. It wasn't very fun, and the whole time I felt like something was going to jump out at me.


I couldn't finish the game, too creepy and boring.