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FileMonkey 10.87 Rewiew

Submitted by carnold on Mon, 2011-09-05 15:11.
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Advanced interface, all-in-one.
Hard to understand, not for usual home user.

This is nice programm, all in one, but I dont like this interface, it bit reminds me windows 95/98. This interface and program is really too advanced. I should better use CCleaner for clearing, and windows built-in tools for other things what they offer. Tips at startup is simple useless, they dont give some useful recommendations.

Only positive thing at this program is that, that they give all-in-one option, like deleting, extracting and etc., but becuase of this, this program is too advanced for usual home user.


For advanced users, this is good choice. If you are usual home user, I don't recommend you this.