Dark Basic Professional Review

Awesome Software, but Lack of Community

Submitted by Rageki on Mon, 2011-09-05 15:57.
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Could makes great games Software comes with some tutorials
Lack of community or forum

I brought this software a year ago. I did some programming and it work out pretty well. The software has a built-in code list that feature every single code that you could use in it. It also have small tutorials built-in it such as moving 2d characters and creating environments. I found that pretty awesome and learn a lot from. While I was brosing the software I found some pre-made games in it. The pre-made games were exciting and I learn a bit from those too by examining the codes of the game structures.

What this software lacks is the basic of programming. Rookies like me had troubles finding a start. I didn't know where to go or how to begin. It was little frustrating from the beginning. I spend a week or two trying to start a simple application such as move a 2d character.

I check out there forum and there community is alright, but it not great for rookies. They need a beginners sections corners or something.

Overall this software is great and could makes some decent games, but need to work better with the community for beginners.


I believe Dark Basic Professional could be a more successful software if it improves it community.