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Youdagames: bad ass MoFro

Submitted by sean arshad on Fri, 2011-09-09 04:31.
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unique, okay concept
Non understandable plot, clunky controls, lag, spawn in random rooms

The game "bad ass MoFro" puts you in control of a stick figure like character who is in a castle to save the "phatmen". As confusing as the game already sounds the gameplay is even more confusing. This game is a simple side-scrolling platformer which seems fun but turns out to be harder than it seems. The game places you in a random room in the castle every time you die or start the game. You can then move around freely to different rooms trying to free the phatmen. The enemies of the game consist of bats (who hurt when they touch you) and laser shooting robots. There is also the obstacle of water which will drain your health when you are in it. You collect items with the space bar and the phatmen you find will want random items you find. The games enemies drain a lot of your health, but there is health you can walk over to replenish your life. the game is difficult but becomes unplayable with bugs such as lag (delay) in the controls.


It makes for an interesting concept of a game but it fails to play right thanks to the bugs.