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Youdagames: Youda Survivor 2

Submitted by Joelle3800 on Sat, 2011-09-10 18:24.
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fun, engaging, lots to do, plays a lot like an island version of Farm Frenzy, quick loading
slow beginning, can't do too much without purchasing, funny graphics

This is the fastest loading game on their website that I have played so far. Although the pace of the game is admittedly slow at the beginning of the game, it quickly picks up. It seems something like a Farm Frenzy game, but with the idea that you are going to die on the island without getting the things you need to survive.

It is more of a fantasy survival game than a realistic one. You can preform rituals to make the rain fall, and some of the animals act unnaturally (like the goats eating birds eggs in order to give milk), but it is actually a lot of fun when you get into it.

One thing that I do not like is that you have to replay levels in order to gain more tokens and unlock further levels. Also, there are a lot of things that you cannot do that you can in the full game, such as build a shelter. I would have liked the game better if they allowed you to play more levels while being able to buy things like shelter, and then maybe not let you play the last half of the levels unless you bought the game.

One good thing about this game however, is that it is good enough to buy once you do start getting to the higher levels.

The graphics are a mixture of 3D and 2D that gives the game a kind of fake look to it. Plus, you never really see your avatar. Other than that, it is fun collecting eggs and milk, making rainstorms, and fighting off pirates who try to steal my ingredients.

Further on in the game you get to start cooking with the things you collect, which makes things more interesting. You also have to unlock levels with tokens and upgrade machines and purchase new machines.


This is a fun game that starts out slow but speeds up and adds more elements to make it more engaging. If you liked Farm Frenzy, you will like this!