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Youda Fisherman Game Review

Submitted by MilePrlemuda on Sun, 2011-09-11 16:44.
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Over 50 short levels,not addictive,expensive for this type of game

Youda Fisherman is a game where you are trying to develop your company with the constant threat from pirates who are trying to destroy your work.
You have boats and you,so to speak,fish...and that's all! I find this game very unorganized and unnecessary long. If it's meant to be a tactical game Youdagames failed, because you don't think at all, you just click where it's pointed to do so-where's fun in that?! There's no way you can lose, it takes little time to finish a level.
I also think that they should have made a better scenario. In this game you will fight pirates with the "Tesla Tower" which fires lightning balls! I mean, come on! Sounds like a low budget science-fiction movie.


Definately not worth of your time nor money,unless you are a six year old...