Dark Basic Professional Review

Dark Basic Pro - Best Entry Level Coding Environment for those

Submitted by jtehlert on Mon, 2011-11-14 04:25.
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Makes it easy for beginners to learn how to make games
Slow compiling and outdated graphics make it a bit of an eyesore at times

At some point everyone wonders what it would be like to make video games for a career. Well thanks to Dark Basic Pro, you can learn how they do it. Dark Basic Pro is an entry level game design program that uses Visual Basic coding to make the experience fun and easy.
Dark Basic is so easy to use, that a middle school student can learn the language and start making games on their own. Coders have the choice of either making a 3D or 2D game and can thus create any game they can think of.
Dark Basic is definitely not the choice for those wishing to make large and impressive games, but with some enhanced effort and learning you can make some great games. Dark Basic is the program I learned to code on, and has opened up worlds of opportunities for me.


Dark Basic is hands down one of the best ways to learn how to create video games. I recommend it to anyone looking to learn how to make games.