Dark Basic Professional Review

Simple at a cost

Submitted by iandl2 on Tue, 2011-12-06 00:48.
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A lot of fun to play around with loads of included content simple to use
outdated very basic requires a 3D modelling understanding if you want to make your own graphics not the best rendering engine

Dark basic offers users with little programming experience to jump right in and start making 3D games. I am such user I have dabbled in the just basic development tool from Jasc so I felt I was qualified to get stuck in

The first thing you will learn when attempting your first 3D game with dark basic pro is that you also need to provide 3D models for your game and yes DBP offers many models but if your like me you will want to make something that is 100% your own plus most of the models are very cartoon styled which I didn't like

The whole make your own models deal will take you a long time to get around but if you get that far you can start programming and dark basic and although I wouldn't say its for the absolute beginner it doesn't take a C++ expert to start making yourself some good 3D results eventually you will be thinking about what you can add to your game while your working or at school ect

The fun experience lasts a while but if your like me you will be pushing your ideas outside of what dark basic is capable of or find yourself turning what started as a simple programming language into a very complicated language as you try to ask it do things it just wasn't really designed for

The whole package will provide you with a good idea of what is involved in making a 3D game without blowing your mind before you even started. Along the way you will pick up some skills such as programming and 3D maths which is always useful.It worth the money and its a lot of fun you will love bringing you 3d game ideas come alive but you will never get professional level results from this software


nice tool for making your first steps into game development but if your are serious about game development this is not the tool for you other tools are about some even free that can provide better results but may require a bit more work and time learning a more complex language