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Ground breaking innovation in CTube

Submitted by toniete on Thu, 2012-06-14 06:39.
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The functions can be tuned to select different languages,no commercial adverts during viewing,crystal clear digital display,supported by several operating systems.
Does not function properly on windows 98 and windows 2000, most channels accessed are not functional, lighting interference during rain or thunder storm.

The name CTube sound like YouTube, the fast growing social media site on the internet. CTube has become a novel invention that elucidates the hi-tech scientific approach that man has evolved in the fields of electronics and internet technology. This software resonates scientific awe as it has almost displaced the conventional satellite TV provided by big companies for home and cinema entertainment.

CTube is a soft ware with myriads of advantages which makes it awesome and unique. It is a software that is used in accessing several internet and satellite TV channels just by the click of a mouse on a PC or desktop.It supports over 1585 TV channels producing a high definition visual image displayed in 3D. Users have the privilege of searching for videos and satellite network programs with ease and convenience. it also has the unique feature of storing images and programs skipped by the user to be replayed at a later time making it one of the most flexible entertainment software ever produced.

CTube is supported by several operating systems such as Mac, windows and Linux. Furthermore, this software eliminates unwanted and offensive advert placements that comes with entertainment on the conventional satellite TV programs. Therefore, in cinema's there is the conducive atmosphere devoid of the regular breaks occasioned by frequent advert interlude.The updated version has on-demand-video searching which places it above any other software designed for TV access.
one very interesting feature about CTube is that its functionality can be tuned to several languages depending on the choice of the viewer without any interference on the crystal clear pictures it exudes and the filtered sound produced that can be customized by the viewer which entirely depends on his choice and interests.


CTube has come to occupy a pride of place in the annals of software development.Though there still exists some challenges in its application and usage, it is one very unique software for watching a whole lot of internet and satellite TV programs with bothering for subscription fees or frowning at unsolicited advert as is obtainable on most conventional TV and video service providers.