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CTube - Internet Television

Submitted by soric3l on Fri, 2006-05-12 19:17.
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The lowest price: 20.4$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Better than expected playing speed and image quality.
You have cable television, why buying the Internet version?

You won't be able to install CTube if you don't have Internet Explorer 6 and DirectX 9. You also need Windows Media Player 9 and Real Player (latest version) to enjoy this nice Internet Television software. Speaking of nice, you may be interested to know that CTube comes not only with the usual News&Music TV stations list, very common for this kind of programs, but also with some interesting adult package, which you can filter if you feel it may be offensive or too dirty for your taste.

The user interface is easy to use, and to my big surprise it works better than expected. All you have to do is choose your favourite station, double click on it, and wait for the show to begin. You can switch to full screen with a simple right-click on the screen followed by Fullscreen command in the Zoom menu. Image/video quality is average but you can play with your video player controls to adjust it for optimal results. If you don't have the codecs you need to use this program they will provide you with them but you have to say Yes when prompted to download and install the codecs.

I have tried in the last year about 4 types of Internet TV software, and this one seems to be the best so far. The price is around 20 dollars and you have the option to choose from over 1400 Tv channels, live video channels and webcams. You can also add more channels to your TV and Video list by using CTube's mini search engine, which also works pretty fine.

Don't expect too much from this kind of software, it is nothing compared to cable television but considering the price and also the playing speed and image quality, I recommend it to you in case you are interested in this new face of replay television.


It is a good product, price and quality, compared to other software on the market.