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Submitted by marymag on Sat, 2006-05-13 20:19.
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The lowest price: 20.4$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Simple to operate for the most part, plenty of obscure stations. Onetime investment/no subscription charges.
How many public access stations can you watch per day? Where is the TV Guide Channel?

CTube is a great program idea at an affordable price. If you like global videos, music, porn (with blocking option), animation, and above all closed access community networking and live cams from everywhere (where is Bazylika Bidgoska?), then perhaps this is for you.

When I first downloaded it (3.9 free trial, 15 days), what sounded good in theory was not so easy in practice. You get about 20-40 listings to choose from and many are outdated in the demo.

Although there is no real directory (there are listings, but not specifics) this software is quite simple to operate in terms of channel changing, volume control, screen size. There is a site search and you can save your favorite selections.

I realize I don’t have the most sophisticated ‘puter on the planet, but the first program said I was not connected to my server when I was, Baghdad TV posted this error message: “legacy server not updated”, and when I saw buffering go from 4% > 2% on the next program I really started to wonder.

I like to be fair in reviews, so I shuffled around for a couple of hours. Henceforth, my CTube Cdiary:

News: BBC has a few fine stations including headlines and sports. 2NBC live radar was exactly that - a Doppler view of the mid-west Great Lakes Region. Bloomberg financial news is available in several countries.

Music: Not too much choice here in the trial. I opted for the rather outdated Madonna/Spears duet over the 3 latest BeeGee selections.

Science/Education: Gives you at least 10 feeds from Brigham Young U and they all appeared to be the same baseball game.

Entertainment: 3Voor12 appears to be a French concert and 3Btv has such shorts as ”Man Alone” François Higson (a man obsessed with picture of a woman) and some nice animation. BeachTV is a live-cam of a marina somewhere in Japan with a chick-group singing “Staying Alive” as background.

Most Popular: I turn on Clubtown TV and the live jock appears to be taking a break. The America Free TV Sci-Fi channel is ending a bad B-movie, which is fine by me. At last I have found my real niche. Another movie starts; “Night of the Living Dead” (and it’s the original Romero classic) but that movie comes on every other night on every other station. (By the way, I went back to see what was on that channel next and it was the original “Fly” with Vince Price!)

If you like watching stations worldwide, want an edge up on financial news or just want to keep an eye on your old alma mater, this would be a good thing. On the other hand, if you don’t care to watch spring break in Daytona or monitor Hawg’s Breath raw bar cam, do a bit more research before you buy.


Affordable and diversified, CTube offers plenty of choice but no real enticement.