Dark Basic Professional Review

Almost for beginners.

Submitted by yaunk on Wed, 2008-10-29 05:48.
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One of if not the easiest to use video game programming software on the market. Bugs in the programming are easy to find.
Still a programming language, which are extremely complicated. Even though it has the simplest language available it is still complicated to learn.

This is probably the best game design software for someone looking to begin their first video game. That said I do warn anyone who is expecting this to be easy that you are dead wrong and couldnt be further from the truth. Yes this is the simplest programming language and software I have yet to find but it is still very complicated. The software does come with some very easy to understand instructions and tutorials and the softwares website has a plethora of good resources and further descriptive instructions.

With some patience and hard work the language can be learned quite easily compared to other programming languages but dont expect it to be easy.


If your serious about making a video game of your own then this is the program for you but expect to put alot of time and work into your project. This software is powerful and easier than any other program ive seen yet so this would be your best bet for making a video game of your own.