Dark Basic Professional Review

Something to be proud of.

Submitted by JoshuaHiggins on Fri, 2008-11-07 06:25.
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Educational, Fun, Quick, and Constructive
Can be considered complex or daunting at first.

Having the great ability to create, edit, and write your own games is something a lot of computer/gaming enthusiasts have wanted to do, whether its just for fun, to feel constructive or just to impress friends.
I already own an older copy from a few years back, and since I've been writing small simple games.

A good improvement from the older version i owned was the resolution, as the version i have only runs at 640x480 Fullscreen greatly slowing down production as i would constantly scroll, making it feel like something for someone visually challenged, However they have made that improvement and allowed any resolution. Its not anything new for any application made after 1999, but its an improvement, plus allowing you to window the application allowing you to consult to the help files and help you at any moment your stuck.

I highly recommend trying your hand at Darkbasic, its a very good start when it comes to learning more advance programming and so on such as Visual Basic, or C++
Any novice with time and effort will develop there skills more over time, allowing them to go back to a previous project, and vastly improve it with there new bound skill.

The software is flexible, and the quality of the games you produce will not be held back because of the software, but your own skill.
The Skies the limit!



A great program to use if you want to consider going into computing or development.