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Dark Basic - Basically a Great Tool

Submitted by kmontag42 on Tue, 2009-08-04 21:57.
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Massive Code Library, Speed, Ease of Language
Limitations of Basic, Lack of True Practical Use (Best for Education)

I work as a counselor at a computer programming summer camp in CT. At said camp I am the head instructor in both C++ and Basic. And have had extensive time to work with Dark Basic and many of its features. The best feature that Dark Basic brings to the table is its extensive code library that can be readily edited and reworked. These code sets were an invaluable tool for my instruction on Game Design during camp. I was able to show students a semi-completed (bare bone) game and then I could help them polish the game with new controls, power-ups, damage modification, etc.

Another great selling point about Dark Basic is the speed that it can compile and execute the code. Visual Basic is very fast at this, and I do not think that Dark Basic surpasses Visual Basic in this trait. However, I feel that the two are very comparable in their compiling speeds. Dark Basic feels only slightly slower than its relation Visual Basic. However, because of Dark Basic's vast code library and 3d rending abilities Visual Basic was not our software of choice.

Dark Basic is a very good tool for all beginning and intermediate programmers who are interested in game design and creation. It offers a wide array of code to look at and edit, and to a fledgling programmer nothing is more valuable then editable code.


Overall, Dark Basic is an awesome piece of educational software. It allows learning programmers to see a body of work that they can then emulate and improve upon, and as a teacher nothing is more fulfilling then to see your students learn.