Betty's Beer Bar Review

Betty's Bar the new addictive bar game

Submitted by Djaraiceonfire on Sun, 2009-10-18 10:00.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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Addictive game. interesting intro story.
Basic graphics. Too expensive. basic animations. not a very good first impression. the menu on the start page is too complicated. Could go with a better color theme

Betty's Bar is an addictive game that actually made me feel "Darn! I wish i could play the rest of the levels too" after playing the trial 1st level. This is something that very rarely happens to me and it was what makes me write this review so enthusiastically.

The game is a 3rd person Bar-Tender game, where you play the role of "Betty" who has to serve beer to all her guests and reach her goal of the daily sales that the game provides prior to starting the level. I know what you're thinking "Oh geeze!", I thought the same thing too. But when I stated to play, I realized that it really is pretty interesting.

"Betty" the main character of the game is a normal girl who comes from a lower middle class family. The only thing that Betty has for herself is her dream which is to become rich and independent so that she can have the life she loves. The game-play is about playing the role of Betty and helping her achieve her dream

The game has very basic animations-and-graphics and a very basic game play that even a 5 year old can understand. the game does not give a very good impression at first. Yet the game objectives are what keeps you hooked for some reason. I would recommend this to be played when you are bored, but the price of the game is definitely too high for this game. You can find better games for cheaper prices or even free ones, online.


Betty's bar is an addictive 3rd person bar tending game. The game is very interesting to play but its over valued. if there were a hundred games of this sort I'd rate Betty's bar as the 60th best(including considering costs)