Betty's Beer Bar Review

It is a cool game indeed!

Submitted by tommy v on Fri, 2009-10-23 11:49.
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ADDICTIVE! a decent gameplay,friendly-make-yourself-at-home tutorial, a simple,good storyline that makes you wanna give it a try.
costly for a two dimension game

Its a decent game with a good tutorial and decent animation.I liked the music.and the graphics were okay.It IS suprisingly addictive with a good storyline.
You play Betty,a young girl who grew up in a country side and hates it there.She dreams of buying an island and opening her own bar in the Caribbean and finally sets out to fulfill her dreams.
At the first level you find her working at a really dumpy bar with all sorts of customers dropping by (the first one is usually always a prisoner with his hands chained :P ) you dont need to actually take order cos there's nothing much to chose from (Beer is all we got :D....and coffee but nobody really asks for that) so you take the glass fill it with beer set it on the table and take empty mugs if any and clean it in the sink (which is done really quick I gotta tell ya)
and collect the tips when the customers leave.The tips will be bigger if you are fast at service and give drinks in CLEAN MUGS.(It kinda reminds you of Diner Dash but its way better.)
Soon the customers flow in and you dont get time to track what they are wearing an all that stuff, you hardly even notice an alien ordering a drink if it was not for his green glow...
Anyways after the player selected time for the game ends, the amount of money earned is accounted if its too low the owner kicks Betty out (literally...) if not you see the graph of how much she has saved up and how much more money she needs.The story continues...


I'd give it a Two Thumbs Up :)