Betty's Beer Bar Review

Betty's Beer Bar is a Mixed Bag

Submitted by John Yargo on Sun, 2009-11-01 22:08.
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Good storyline, good graphics
Not enough staging, no choice of drinks

This game is an arcade version of Cocktails or Coyote Ugly. The main character, Betty, aspires to work at a bar on an exotic island. First, she has to work her way from a sleazy bar by attentively serving its clientele (which includes nondescript citizens, as well as escaped convicts and aliens). Each level is a step toward her dream job.

As Betty, the player has to retrieve beer mugs, wash them out, and refill them before the customer becomes upset. Satisfying the customers involves not taking away their mugs before they’re finished and very promptly handing them drinks in clean mugs before they vanish in the air. Sometimes, she has to sober customers up with a cup of coffee, or they’ll pass out, failing to give her a tip. If successful, a tip is left behind. If not, Betty is fired. The game is primarily challenging because Betty can only sit glasses down in specific places and can only pick up two drinks at a time. As the game goes on, she picks up bonus skills like being able to wash glasses by picking them up.

A player will get the hang of the game from the quick and simple tutorial. Unfortunately, as the player progresses through the game, the player doesn’t get to mix more complicated drinks or gain other skills (like handling three or more glasses). Until Betty arrives in her Caribbean paradise, the game simply consists of filling beer steins and handing them to customers. Another possible improvement would be more features to interact with customers (as simple as a “Chat with this Customer” button).


The storyline is simple and engaging, and the game is initially challenging enough. That's not enough to sustain my interest. A greater variety of stages and features would have made the game more compelling for a longer period. Instead, the limited features and complexity make the game boring after two or three stages.