Betty's Beer Bar Review

Betty Bores

Submitted by rajassaroy on Thu, 2009-12-03 17:28.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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Good character design; Decent music;
The game becomes repetitive, no matter what level you play; Full version is not worth the price tag;

This is a game in which you take charge of Betty, a country lass, who shifts to the city in search of better opportunities, but needs at least $50k to live the way she likes (Thats what the story mode says). It's got three modes, Story Mode, Free Mode and Time Trail mode. The demo is fun, with a lot of modes available to the free user except the free mode. The deal is, to control Betty and help her in her job as a bartender, which starts feeling like sort of a drill after 3-4 games, take the beer mug, fill it, give it, wash it, and do it again. The concept is fun only for a little time, one cant play more than 5 games at a stretch, since the levels look pretty repetitive. There are changes in the environments, as well as funny customers, but they fail to impress because of the repetition. There are bonuses available too, which unfortunately cant help you getting bored of the same old process, same old work technique. For the guys at Mystery Studios, mates, we would have loved this game if you could diversify it from a simple beer bar operation to probably something better, where we could choose the kind of liquor to be served to the customer, create custom cocktails and something new at each level so that it would not get repetitive. The full version promises new characters and environments, but it does not sound that entertaining, $17.95 is pretty high a price for the extras.


Okay for some random entertainment, but the game turns out to be boring too soon.