Betty's Beer Bar Review

Beer battered

Submitted by Lyons260507 on Thu, 2009-12-31 08:26.
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Hmmm let me think??? oh yeah, the word "beer" in the title!
A game concept thats been flogged to death already,lacks imagination. Pricey!

First up, the name alone grabs the attention i mean the thought of a video game involving beer,bars and a lovely lady by the name of Betty! i was imediatley thinking this is gonna be a guys game right??? Hmmmmm wrong!! after only minutes of playing this game it becomes quite apparant that this game doesnt have the addictive game play nor the variety of play required to keep either sex interested for any length of time:(

The concept of the game is quite simple, keep your customers happy while serving them beer all the while making sure everybody is taken care of in a timely manner. This sounds ok but its an idea thats been used time and time again in other titles the only thing thats changed is your serving beer instead of food. Perhaps i'm being too harsh?? i mean there is nothing wrong with using a proven concept when creating a game,it makes sense right??? but if you're going to do that then you have to build on whats been done before i.e add that something extra thats going to make fans of this style of game dip into their pockets one more time. This title fails for that alone(serious lack of imagination).


If your contemplating buying this title i recommend you download the demo first it may just save you a few dollars!!