Betty's Beer Bar Review

Betty Bear with Beer

Submitted by aragone79 on Sun, 2010-02-21 14:36.
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The game concept is good but like others time management game genre. Just play the game.
The graphic is awful, it comes in 2D only. Game control has to recalibrate again. Can be addicted to it after 2 hours playing.

Betty's Beer Bar is like others time management game genre. The game play is simple. You have to play Betty to serve beer addict customers. pick a glass, pour the beer to the glass, and get it to the costumers waiting in bar table. That's it.

And after that, you have to see the empty beer glass of the customers, if he/she does not left the bar table, then you have to refill the glass with beer. Because Betty works in the Bar, it will have opening and closing hours. And after bar close, you have to clean all empty glasses in bar sink and put all glass back to its place.

Actually, this game is quite funny and can make you addicted to it. But unfortunately, the game graphic is awful. Betty character graphic draws as a tall big woman. Just like a bear (sorry for her). I think game developer must rebuilt the graphic again. So betty beer bar could be more acceptable.

If you play it for about 1 or 2 hours, I think you gonna love this game. just like time managemnet game that ever you play. By the way, if you already make command queue but you don't see the queue number, don't click the same command again. Your previous command is already on the queue.


Worthed to buy in USD 9.9 not in USD 17.95