Midi Maestro MM4 Review

MIDI Maestro MM4... hard to describe

Submitted by balance on Sun, 2010-06-13 09:18.
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Opens, edits, saves and is great for people that have MIDI keyboards and other instruments.
Somewhat steep learning curve, does not appeal to all user groups, more complicated than alternatives.

MIDI Maestro MM4 is an application that is more geared towards the music-related production crowd than it is towards regular computer-users. That said, it does have a few application for the less professionally trained users, as well.

MIDI Maestro may be used to edit existing MIDI files pretty much to one's liking and do so with a certain level of uncomplicated-ness. Now, I'm not talking about ease, since to do anything with the application, users had better open the help file, and spend a good amount of time reading through the various chapters that explain the functionality of the application.

No issues arise when opening files and saving them, but the user interface is non tremendously intuitive when it comes to editing the music files.

A lot of the application is oriented towards people that own a musical instrument and that will connect it and play, which is a useful feature for those owning such instruments.

Compared to other music composing and editing applications, MIDI Maestro MM4 falls somewhat short in a number of areas, of which music editing, user interface friendliness, help file ease-of-comprehension and multi-user-type appeal.

Also, the product description and features list is not sufficiently clear enough in describing the application's target audience.


Whereas the application is great for users owning MIDI instruments, it is not so much so for others that wish simply to create or edit a music file.