Midi Maestro MM4 Review


Submitted by joesat on Tue, 2010-07-20 15:23.
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simple and economical to use the application for amateurs and beginners in music.sequencing, editing, recording and openness are the characteristics that best suits MIDI keyboard.I really sets the contents of multiple channels simultaneously on the same level. I also like how easy it is to manipulate the tempo, dynamics, etc. by simply using a line graph and use the mouse.
Some learning curve, does not appeal to all groups of users is more complicated than the others .

MIDI Maestro MM4 is one of the latest music and most user-friendly has been developed for use by amateur and professional music directors, conductors and musicians in live musical theater and similar situations in the accompanying Music (groups worship, techno bands, karaoke, and solo guitar backup). Dynamic, intuitive performance control is combined with powerful sequencing and editing capabilities make it a must have special software for beginners and lovers of music. MM4 supports MIDI to WAV conversion, ASIO, VSTi synths, the inclusion of guitar chord, harp pedal emulation, and point of view of lead-sheet staff. In addition to developing the software is very useful and deployment of tools for editing and skip tracks very impressive. It also gives users the ability to maintain speed of play songs in order of their preference.

No problems to open and save files, but the user interface is not intuitive to change the music files. Many of the application is aimed at people who have a musical instrument and plug and play, which is a useful feature for those with these instruments. Compared to the music of other applications for editing and composition, MIDI Maestro MM4 is slightly lower in a number of areas, including music publishing, ease of use user interface, installation help file to understand and type of multi-user call. In addition, product description and feature list is not sufficiently clear in the description is sufficient demand for the public.


The company has a great start on your product, but it still could use a little work and an absolute must buy if the price is a little cheaper.