Midi Maestro MM4 Review

MIDI Maestro, powerful and very Composer Software

Submitted by jackylau on Sun, 2010-07-25 14:41.
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The lowest price: 89.95$
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It pretty easy to use, if you have little previous experience in music software and midi MIDI editing, Composer is a very good performance, sophisticated design and amateurs and professionals
The prices are quite high in the offer, but there are 15 day trial and the software is considered the children's knowledge and students learn software technology is the basis of the computer ...

This is a useful software for music fans and music director and professional musicians: When you start a new song, you have access to a panel with the name of THR 24 instruments on the left side and choose a piano open.You new window can set the midi device numbered 0-16, and there are 16 MIDI channels, you can set. And to set the input device: this means that up to 16 MIDI instruments allowed. Below is the output section read: choose your MIDI device here, chose Microsoft GS Wavetable SW sint, as usual, are 16 MIDI channels in these systems. According to what you can find the channel number 0-15. the value of a General MIDI. Then you can find details and eplayback offstes: choosing appropriate key, if you know what that means, or choose the time, is intuitive, or even choose the speed by ear. According to what you can find the presentation style: default password and let the split keyboard C4.On the right side of this panel, you can find the form of program section, banking, General MIDI set. Patch is acoustic piano. All patches should be left to an acoustic grand piano alhabetically if you want the specific sound. Now you can control volume, and I suggest to enhance up to determine their level of speakers. This range of -36, unless you know what you are doing changhing this value. Choose a noticeable color or leave the default color is yellow. If you click Advanced, you will have access to a new panel: here you can choose the combination and the filter and vibrato, and the envelope and effects.

* Support for external display and full screen mode, background images, and pagination for professional "PowerPoint-like presentations.
* Waveform audio samples can be combined with MIDI tracks.
* MIDI Maestro also some very powerful waveform audio and visualization features.
* High quality MIDI / Audio synchronization system.
* Support for VSTi software synthesizers form.

MIDI Maestro MM4 is a composer midimaestro.com products, get 5 Stars SoftSea Rating, MIDI Maestro is a music program designed for use by amateur and professional music directors, conductors and musicians in live musical theater and musical accompaniment situations are similar (eg, the cult band, techno bands, karaoke, and backup guitar solo). Dynamic, intuitive performance control combined with a sequence of high and mounting.


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