Midi Maestro MM4 Review

Midi Maestro MM4 - The Decomposing Composer

Submitted by eggonlinellco on Thu, 2010-08-19 22:02.
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*Small download * Fast set-up * Clean "happy-looking" colored interface * Didn't crash while recording or playing audio/midi files * Comes with a few basic *starter templates * Used my registry cleaner/junk file cleaner, and this program left a bare minimum of leftover files after uninstall.
* Transport Bar was unfunctional and unfamiliar(we want the play, stop, rewind, etc buttons in the order they've always been in. * Very much NOT user friendly -ease of use gets a 1/10 rating :( * Basic function are not easily accessible(VERY limited 'right-click' shortcuts. They need to add the most common shortcuts in right'click menu. Like "add new track", "delete track", "view", "edit", "copy", "cut", "paste", "insert marker" etc etc etc. * Takes the inspiration. Too difficult to record 1 simple track. By the time you figure out how to create a track and start recording(after reading the help file), that latest "idea" is gone. * Navigation and Icons for common functions are either not there, or not easily accessible.

Today, I had the opportunity to review Midi Maestro MM4 software. In this case, I wish opportunity hadn't knocked. (Remind me to lock my doors next time!). Allow me to explain:

I'm a pianist/keyboardist/"kind-of" guitar player. I love composing, writing songs, and recording, so I jump on every chance to try new software(cuz we musicians ALWAYS want the latest, greatest piece of gear - we're funny like that).

So, I want to record a quick song. I opened the program, and it wasn't too bad on the first pop up screen. Gave me a few templates to choose from(full orchestra, ensemble, staff view etc.). However, I didn't want any of those. I just wanted a new midi track to record my keyboard and my latest inspiration!

Well, the layout was a little confusing, and the transport bar(stop, record, play, rewind, etc) was horrible. They rearranged the buttons from almost every other recording software I've ever used. THAT, my fine feathered friends is a no-no.

Now, trying to insert a track from a new file was a nightmare. I had to read the help! My words, how embarrassing for a long time user of recording software. Also, there werer next to no "right-click" shortcuts available on any portion of the screen.

Remember, we're musicians, not programmers. We want the program to be easy, work right out of the box, & have a 'familiar' feel to it.

Yeah, so it has functions a lot of other recording programs have(midi, expression, piano roll, audio tracks, velocity change etc).

Well, not to be harsh, but "So what!" It ain't easy and it's not fun.

Note to all software programmers out there: "Make it easy for songwriters and musicians to record."

It really IS that simple. That, after all, is all we want to do.


I've tried many recording programs, from expensive to free. I wouldn't even use this if it were free. Sorry creators of MM4. Don't mean to be harsh on ya, but for me, this is thumbs down all the way around. I'm going to add this to the "Scrap pile along with Magix Music Maker". If any of you are looking for recording programs, allow me to suggest 2. *Free: Reaper. Best available free, open-source recording program I've tried. *Paid: On a budget? Mixcraft is your all around best choice. And if you're rich of course, Cakewalk Sonar or Steinberg Cubase.