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The lowest price: $44.95

Create animated, speaking photos in minutes with CrazyTalk.

Ant War

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The lowest price: $17.99

Ant War is not your serious tycoon game. It takes on a humorous look at how fast ants always seem to multiple and feel like they are taking over. There is no tutorial, but the game is easily learned, which makes it a great choice for younger strategy/tycoon fans


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The lowest price: $13.45

DietMP3 can significantly reduce (by 30 to 70 percent) the size of an original MP3 file with very minor loss in quality.

Horoscope Explorer

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The lowest price: $19.80

Generate Horoscopes quickly, easily and accurately with Horoscope Explorer. This is world's best selling Vedic Astrology software.


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The lowest price: $35.96

Blaze Audio's award-winning RipEditBurn turns your PC into a digital audio powerhouse! It will rip CDs (including copy protected CDs by using our Analog Ripping Technology), edit wave, WMA and MP3 files, convert MP3/WMA files to wave and wave files to MP3/WMA, and burn your own custom music CDs easily, quickly, and at a price that won't break your budget.

Pretty Good Solitaire

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The lowest price: $20.40

You will enjoy countless hours of fun with Pretty Good Solitaire.

Dark Basic Professional

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The lowest price: $62.99

A lot of developers like to create and then self-publish their games, offering them for sale from their web sites. One such high-class example written in DarkBASIC Professional is 3D Mahjong. The quality level of graphics, sound and extreme playability showcase perfectly just what DarkBASIC Professional is capable of.

Aqua Real Screensaver

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The lowest price: $17.95

Aqua Real is the first 3D aquarium utilizing the most advanced technologies in 3DVR and biomechanics. Guaranteed to bring you the most beautiful creatures in the aquatic world.

Site Spinner V2

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The lowest price: $41.65

SiteSpinner is a user-friendly web site development tool that includes many advanced features such as drag-and-drop positioning, built in FTP to publish directly to your web site, an image editor and graphics creation all in one.


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The lowest price: $17.99

All of its visuals were created using photographed clay. Help the peaceful land of Mungola defend itself against the attacking hordes of Collosatropolis. All that stands between you and complete destruction is an antique aircraft called Platypus!