Utilities & Plug-Ins

IPSwitcher Basic

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The lowest price: $18.00

Are you a mobile user? Do you need to use your computer in more than one network? Do you have multiple types of Internet connections? Then IPSwitcher Basic is a product for you! It has been developed...

Advanced WMA Workshop

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The lowest price: $21.21

Hundreds of utilities out there offer users a pocketknife's worth of tools for encoding audio. Advanced WMA Workshop succeeds where others fail time and time again. It's quick, it looks good, and it supports the most popular file formats around.

Replay Music

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The lowest price: $35.96

When it comes to music on the Internet, you have two legal choices: you can stream tracks, or you can purchase them as individual downloads.


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The lowest price: $13.45

iPodSync is a product that turns your iPod into PDA. With iPodSync, you can view your Outlook Contacts, Calendars, Tasks and Notes on your iPod.

Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker

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The lowest price: $19.75

Why let the artists have all the fun? Create your own CD/DVD labels and jewel cases with the ultimate in ease and flexibility!


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The lowest price: $25.74

EzVoice v3.2 is full-featured computer answering machine software that picks up calls for you while you are away. It captures caller id, and allows you to pre-screen and block unwanted callers or telemarketers.

AV Voice Changer

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The lowest price: $26.95

With AV Voice Changer you can change your voice over Internet, PC Phone, gaming, voice chat, voice mail. Talk in male, female, teen, baby voice to chat anonymous or have online fun in chat room. Create many voices for movie, story telling, presentation, and narration.


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The lowest price: $13.45

DietMP3 can significantly reduce (by 30 to 70 percent) the size of an original MP3 file with very minor loss in quality.

Sound Snooper

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The lowest price: $31.46

Sound Snooper is sound recording software that can be used for phone call recording and monitoring, radio broadcasts logging, spying, employee monitoring and so on.