Mad Caps Review

The Mad Caps of life.

Submitted by mooizz on Fri, 2007-04-13 14:39.
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Simple and interesting gameplay. Play as you will, no rules.
No variety in gameplay. Gets boring after a while.

Mad as it sounds, mad caps is a fun game with a very simple gameplay which makes it even more interesting. The idea of this game has been copied from previous versions but what makes this game better than the rest !. This game is no diferent but the use of bottle caps instead of the previously used rings and the exciting music makes the game a whole lot better than the rest.

Even though the graphics are not soo amazing, but still everything seems to good enough to be better than any other puzzle game. Even the new idea of the crazy bonus caps and the time-limit makes the gameplay even better.

However theres not much variety and you practically get bored after sometime. But even then, the gameplay is amazing and is perfect for a time when you dont want to tire yourself up using too much of your brains. Mad caps gives a really easy fun time.


Try it out. The game is really addictive and is a good choice if you want to pass your spare time doing something fun. Mad caps is just the game for you.