SoundTaxi Professional Review

Extremely Impressive

Submitted by judgemania33 on Tue, 2011-04-26 15:08.
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The lowest price: 24.29$
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As regard to speed, must confess that this software passes the test for speed as such in my view remains the fastest converter of various file types available to end users in the market today. The fact that it converts files without unnecessary alterations or changes to the original files is also an added plus to the array of goodies the software has to offer which includes its’ cost for a product so well encompassing.
Can’t say I have any as it seems to meet my needs.

Can’t say I have any as it seems to meet my needs.
Review: This product completely beats the expectations of file converters in the market in many regards. Truth is I have never come across a software that converts so fast within the space of 90 seconds. I was able to convert my “Corrs” album to mp3 files in less than 3mins, to be transferred to my blackberry device for my listening pleasure. There are also other perks that are added to this tool like the sound media taxi suite which enables free downloads for mp3 musical files of favourite artists and sound taxi cd ripper which enables easy ripping from cd to pc. Hopefully the price remains as competitive in the long run so as to attract more sales. Sometimes it easy to fall in love with any software with an interface or facade that appear to personify simplicity of which this tool is one of such great candidate.


It suffices to say that this tool will definitely surpass many overpriced and over blown tools out there in the market.