AT&T Natural Voices Review

$30 dollar price tag, free quality!

Submitted by bcsund86 on Wed, 2011-04-27 21:51.
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The lowest price: 29$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Ease of use Clear sounding Services multiple forms of text
Way to expensive "Natural" voices are not natural Many free options that a just as good Junk add-ons

AT&T's Natural Voices program carries a $30.00 dollar price tag, yet when you dive in it leaves you wondering why the high price? Don't get me wrong, for $30.00 dollars i'm not expecting professional quality, but I want better quality than what I can find for free after a simple "Google" search.

The "Natural" voices aren't natural, and the selection of un-natural voices isn't as great as what you would expect for paid software. You can of course purchase more "Natural" voices that will speak other languages for you, which is cool, but again why do I have to dish out this kind of money for software that I can essentially get for free?

Aside from the above this software does have some good characteristics.

1. It's very very easy to use. Compared to some of the competitors this is one of the easier programs to use (although this does carry a few less features to sift through as well).

2. The "Natural" voices, are fairly clear. You shouldn't have a hard time hearing a TTS program and this one definitely delivers.

3. Natural Voices will recognize multiple forms of text including, but not limited to; .txt, .HTMl, .doc, .pdf.


I would not recommend this product to anyone looking for a realistic sounding software for cheap. It just does not deliver for the $30.00 dollar price, and the fact that you have to pay extra for sub-par add-ons is a huge "con" in my book. If the price was reduced to say $10-$15 then it might be worth it.