Gutterball 2 Review


Submitted by kevin.g on Tue, 2011-05-03 22:17.
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commendable 3D graphics, very involving, wide range of balls
a little too expensive

I actually never thought that playing bowling on pc would be fun till i tried out grabber 2. Am not much of a bowler but sincerely, i enjoyed playing this game. Though i admit that some of the levels were quite easy for me as a biginner.

However i loved how it kept me glued on my p.c for hours. Grabber 2 has the x factor that any game should have. The fact that one does not notice as time passes by when one is playing the game is just remarkable. Grabber 2 has achieved this by having some balls locked and thus making the player want to play more of the game inorder to unlock the balls.

The game has amultiplayer funclionality and also you can put your skills to test by playing against the computer.
There's also a wide range of customizable bowling balls(25 in number) and 5 different alleys. This eliminates the boredom brought about by monotony.

With a little modification like improving the game sound effects on the commentators and the annoying chants of the crowd and also making the maximize button visible, the product will surely achieve its gaming objectives.


This is a game for all. If you are an aspiring bowler,then grabber 2 is the place to start