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Aqua Real Screensaver

Submitted by isaiaalves on Wed, 2011-05-04 02:11.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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and a very good program worth having the program.
I think the Aqua Real Screensaver should be free.

You know that aquarium screensaver that you see whenever you go to the computer store and is admiring a long time? It is the AquaReal 3D! Aquareal The 3D is the first virtual aquarium that uses the most advanced 3D animation. The world's most beautiful creatures water interacting with you on the screen of your computer. The AquaReal 3D includes 24 species of beautiful tropical fish, aquariums 3D extras, artificial intelligence to fish, real-time detection and collision avoidance lighting adjustments.
Ease of Use:
If you are using Sharks, Terrors of the Deep aquarium or as a screensaver from the desktop, it is easy to use and configure. Simply right-click the icon and choose Configure to access your control panel, or press F1 when the application runs.
Feature Set:
provides detailed characteristics of different shark species to landscape quality in each tank environment. Each room a different scenario, gives an appearance of a range of natural scenery, including rays of light, sand, rock and plant configurations.


Very good light and is very nice for those who have a passion for great fish and even approved