Betty's Beer Bar Review

Hmmmm,Betty's Beer Bar,Pretty good

Submitted by arrow24 on Fri, 2011-05-06 10:07.
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Fast,entertaining,Easy controls
confusing in a good way

The goal in this games is to serve up some very impatient customers with a mug of beer.The game consist of three parts viz
1)Keenly observing the order(through a thought bubble)
2)Finding a empty mug
3)serving it as quickly as possible
and if possible a 4th stage where u can wash the mug after the customer has finished his/her drink.You have to also make sure that you keep your drunk customers awake or they don't pay up!!

The game doesn't consist of any complex gaming skills.It is a pretty straight forward game.Even controlling Betty is easy,Just point and click.The game is fast and more tends towards your refractiveness towards the situation


very innovative way to spend your time if you have nothing else to do