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Submitted by moinakchiku on Thu, 2007-04-19 07:59.
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Easy to use, configurable, print option. Handy for forgetful people. Good documentation for "Help".
If the desktop has the same color as the background of the reminder, user face problem. Eat up a lot of RAM.

1: Easy to use.
2: Handy for forgetful people.
3: Lot of options
4: It is configurable. Fonts etc can be changed.
5: Good documentation provided as "Help".
6: Copy/ Paste, Select All, print etc options are good.


1: If the desktop of the machine has got the same color as the background color of the remiders then user will face problem reading that.

2: User may forget where it is hidden in the desktop and it may waste his time. Rather than hiding it better to have it placed at some place in the desktop.

3: It uses a lot of memory.

Points of improvement :-
1: In "Control Center" under Tools menu "Find Text" can be renamed with "Search".
2: "View" menu can be renamed by "Tasks" in "Control Center".


It is a good tool. It's worthy having it especially for people who are forgetful and/ or lonely.