3D Live Snooker Review

I Could Play This All Day!

Submitted by Jenna Newbery on Sat, 2011-05-07 11:18.
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Good graphics, simple to use, play against real people or computer.
Sound is quite sharp and there is no tutorial on how the game is played.

I was pleasantly surprised with 3D Live Snooker. Although it didn't come with a tutorial or instructions on how the game is played, it is quite easy to figure out and there is a "Help" section which will tell you which mouse actions do what.

The graphics were impressive and the game ran smoothly, even on my little netbook which usually struggles with 3D games. In the full version you are able to change the rooms, tables, balls and cues to suit your requirements. You have the option of either playing against your computer, or you can try "Network Play" and play against a real person.

The only problem I had with the game was that the sound was quite sharp, and if you have the sound turned up it can be quite a sting on your ears. That can be fixed by just turning the sound down, but make sure you do it or you may be in for quite a scare if your not prepared!

I personally have never played snooker before, I have always been an 8-ball kinda girl but through playing 3D Live Snooker, I have managed to learn the rules of the game and am now ready to play a real snooker game up against my friends next time the opportunity comes up.


I really enjoyed 3D Live Snooker and found it to be a great time-waster for those times when you want to avoid doing housework.