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Readon TV Movie Radio Player

Submitted by lukesky on Thu, 2011-05-12 00:39.
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On readon tv movie radio player can using the filters for view the favourite tv programs ordered by kind, name, or other selections.
Readon tv movie radio player is supported on the operative systems: Windows Xp, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7.

Readon tv movie radio player is a player software for watching tv channels or radio station on desktop or notebook pc running operative system Microsoft Windows.

Readon tv movie radio player include a list about a thousand international tv channels ordered by country, kind, program name selectable from software's menu.

Is possible watch the tv programs with internal video player or using VLC media player.

For watching readon tv movie radio player is not necessary use another hardware device but is enough a internet broadband.

With readon tv movie radio player is possible registering the radio station during the listening and save on MP3 compression format.

These are main characteristic of readon tv movie radio player:

1. viewing recent films on the original language
2. viewing sports events like NBA, soccer, championship..
3. watching many tv programs and films: comedy, action, news, music ecc
4. watching adult programs
5. auto update list channels
5. auto shut down pc
6. recording tv programs (formats MP4,WMV,FLV)
7. a hundred channels for free


One penalizing characteristic for readon tv movie radio player is that the users must have a fast connection otherwise you can't view correctly the video transmissions.