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Tapestries of Brilliance From Diigmind

Submitted by gabe549 on Fri, 2011-05-13 02:03.
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Sizzling beauty, dramatic scores, and diverse options.
Hefty price tag and limited worth.

Tired of those endless digital pipes appearing on your standard PC? Digimind’s newest screensavers give you something to cheer about again. With several different options available, the company has produced some of the best-looking rest screens for desktops and portables yet.

For the purpose of this review I chose two of Digimind’s offerings; Earth 3D and Space Plasma 3D. Although both are decent, Earth 3D turned out to be more worthwhile because it grants a much larger view of the galaxy which is more unique when compared to the less deep plasma ray dance. Inside the earth package one receives a very detailed galaxy depicting the earth from a space perspective while other planets linger in the distance. The movement of the planets and the light effects are particularly engrossing, and the screensaver is well worth checking out for its centralized uniqueness.

On the other hand, Space Plasma 3D is far less ideal for the average consumer because its features pale in comparison to the earth-based option. While watching the spiraling rays of pinkish-white glory alongside an impressive soundtrack is breathtaking at first, it grows old after a few days and loses the worth that might have first seemed excellent.

All in all, the products are fantastic providing one is willing to spend the money, at $6.99 per screensaver. While the Earth 3D version is certainly worth this price for its depth and color patterns, Plasma 3D is too limited to justify the same purchase price.


While Earth 3D is definitely worth putting forward the dough for, Plasma 3D is best looked at from a distance.