3D Live Snooker Review

Snookered by Snooker 3D

Submitted by gabe549 on Fri, 2011-05-13 02:34.
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Graphics are attractive, game plays relatively smoothly.
Crashes on 64-bit models occasionally, lack of how-to section drags down quality.

Playing Snooker can be great fun, but Snooker 3D doesn’t satisfy enough necessary requirements to make it a really enjoyable experience. Developer Etiumsoft has made an admirable gesture with this title, but without some serious improvement it will never hold water across from the traditional game itself.

Visually, Snooker 3D does everything that is expected of modern games by crafting an attractive combination of resolutions which make the play environment enjoyable to look at. Seeing the gameplay balls and utilizing the player’s casting pole is simple enough, and the game proceeds as it would in real life as a turn-based process. While the movements are usually without much incident, at several points my player became completely jammed due to an apparent detection error, and only restarting the session mended the issue. Collision detection for more than two balls is another issue, with one example having the opposite spheres stick together in a corner without remedy. Though I am well-versed in the classic game myself, those without prior experience will also struggle with the absence of an actual manual or tutorial system, thus adding to the difficulty.

Snooker 3D is also hampered by a general stability issue on 64-bit systems. On my Vista 32-bit, the game played fine, but once reverted to my newer 64-bit laptop it crashed repeatedly, only stable for short periods of play. For newer software this might be excusable, but Etiumsoft needs to fix this issue before its causes future errors on other machines. In the end I was forced to use system restore to avoid damaging my system by further attempting the game.

Some have argued that classic games should not be digitized, and Snooker 3D is a great point in favor of this position.


Avoid this headache and play Snooker in real-time.