Cute Reminder Review

Cuteness turns effective.

Submitted by mooizz on Fri, 2007-04-20 21:06.
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The lowest price: 26.95$
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Very attractive and interactive.A farilt light program which uses very little computer memory and requires little speed.
Practically useless and covers up desktop space. Makes the desktop look crowded.

Cute Reminder is just an attractive way of setting up reminders for yourself on your own desktop. It works on the principle of setting up cute little sticky notes on your desktop which have those little reminders set by you.

It is a very simple and easy-to-handle kind of a programme which doesnt have any professinal practical use but if your someone eho often forgets what he has to do during the day, this cute reminder is just for you. One thing good about it that it uses up very little of your computers memory therefore even when running with other programs, it doesnot affect their speed or performance. This makes it quite user-friendly.

Onething bas about it is that it uses up the space on your desktop and makes it look all cramped up and messy. The notes are also no resizable therefore it number of reminders are limited to your screensize.

Besides that, the graphics are asotnishing with very cute little notes and colourful skins which can be used. However the sounds are a little annoying and can be distracting. But overall it is a good software which is too overpriced for it use.


Theres nothing amazing about the software. It only creates postits on the desktop. A postit software for $27 !!.. Way too much.