3D Live Snooker Review

3D Live Snooker

Submitted by TheMoneyOne on Sun, 2011-05-15 06:33.
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Able to play with friend through network play Able to change the level of difficulty on the computer Your performance is tracked on a high score board Three different type of snooker to play Practice your online snooker skill at home Don't get laugh at friend by play snooker in real life
No tutorial There is a limited control on the camera angle Not enough good sound A bit overpriced

3D Live Snooker by Etiumsoft made for most casual people. This game is realistic and fun that keeps you entertained for many hours. You won't have to be embarrassed if aren't good at snooker because you can play with a computer. The computer has five different difficulty levels that you can choice from. If you have a friend bet you in snooker in real life and you want to get revenge. You can change the name of the computer, so you can just name it to the name of your friend and beat the computer. If your friends happened to own this game or you persuade them to buy it you guys can play it together. Just click on Network Play and find your friends. The graphics is decent, but one problem is the angle of view. You have limited control on the camera angle while you are playing. This effects on how realistic this game is since in real snooker you would be able to look at it from all angles. While playing this game you might want to turn on your favorite music because the game doesn't provide good sound or music. There are advance techniques to hit balls in snooker, but in this game there is no tutorial to show you hit the snooker ball. Basic techniques are easy to learn by yourself.


The game is worth it to buy for the amount of entertainment you obtain from it. Remember it's better to play with friend (so make them buy it too). You can improve your skills at snookering on the computer. Eventually these skill will come in handy in your life.