Home Plan Pro Review

Design your Plan like a Pro

Submitted by dstinsman on Sat, 2006-02-04 05:28.
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Comprehensive help features, practical capabilities such as faxing from within the application, good use of screen real estate.
First-time users may be a bit overwhelmed by the initial complexity of the interface. Practice, practice, practice!

Home Plan Pro is a very functional tool for creating a visual representation of a floor plan. It enables the user to produce a 2-dimensional scale diagram using real-world building elements with consideration for spatial relevance and precision.

Design plans can be developed in layers that enable the user to view or print only certain elements of the plan, which is extremely useful for presentation to a variety of audiences.

The Auto Draw feature allows the user to generate shapes with precise measurements and there is an option to modify the functional distance (in inches) of your mouse movements with the additional option to use metric system measurements.

While the interface may be somewhat intimidating to first-time users, it does provide comprehensive help features. The built-in reference tools include optional tips when you start the program and specific instructions on the differences between using your mouse or keyboard.
However, the most stellar component of the help system involves sub-menus; right-clicking each tool button invokes a sub-menu in a separate window with detailed instructions on how to use that tool.

Technically savvy users will have no problem navigating this program. But even the novice will understand the intuitive tool-tips and graphical interface. And the program is integrated with the vendor's website so you can check for online updates.

For those individuals who are visually driven, Home Plan Pro comes with the ability to insert images and to export projects to a variety of image file types. The application is also available for installation in DOS (not evaluated in this review).


An economic alternative to Microsoft Visio, Home Plan Pro would be useful and appealing to design professionals and architectural hobbyists alike.