EZ-DJ Plus Review

Fun Application for Playing Around

Submitted by nida.rasheed on Mon, 2011-05-23 21:50.
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Fun and easy to use. You can get started using it right away.
Nowhere near what is needed for more serious DJ work. Too limited.

Enjoy mixing your music without any complications. EZ-DJ Plus is different from other mixing software on the market, in that it is ready to start mixing from the start, with a user-friendly interface. It is great for playing around with music, which shouldn't be a negative thing. Most people that are into mixing music want a program that isn't complicated to use and install just to mix some tracks and have them sound decent. In that regard, EZ-DJ Plus delivers. To use there is a simple click and drag system that is quite easy to understand. This program also comes with several tracks from OM records, to get you started right away testing it out. The program has also six predefined special effects and four predefined scratches. It also allows you to create your own, of course. It has four different samples and drum sets. It is made to work right out of the box. This program is distributed under a shareware license. The trial version doesn't support mp3 and has a few limitations. For casual users, this is the program to get, professionals might want to get something a bit more complete.


This is a great program for playing around a bit with track mixing. It is absolutely nowhere near professional level.