CyberScrub Privacy Suite Review

Be The Master Of Your Own Presence!

Submitted by Abhishek Roy on Wed, 2011-05-25 14:42.
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Very flexible and easy User Interface with all the functionalities properly integrated in a very ordered way!
It takes a bit of time for its functions to complete. Patience is always rewarded!

A marvellous creation of sheer intelligence with an underlying sense of sitting somewhere in the US Army and Navy. Doesn't it sound cool? Yes, CyberScrub, LLC, gifts us with their cyber data encryption, erasure and protection suite with all levels of flexibility of use ofcourse with a lingering feeling of satisfaction always guaranteed.

CyberScrub Privacy Suite is one of those softwares anyone of you always wanted to have, it is a data encryption and protection software as it goes by its minimal functional description. Now, you can actually do anything on the net, I literally mean anything, send any sort of e-mails, however private it may be, and still be at comfort because CyberScrub Privacy Suite is now there to save the day!

Yes, you don't have to worry about your personal (even super-personal) data being read by anyone else, you don't have to worry that you have left your footprints on the net, and anyone can say where you have been virtually, or I may say you don't have to worry anymore when you share your private and personal pictures, songs or whatever you can think of, CyberScrub's encrytion tool can encrypt all your data beyond imagination. Trust me with this information, because they have actually received a VIA Padlock Certification on this functionality!

These are just a demo description of what the actual software is! You might think this is just another publicity review out here, but trust me if you don't get this software you are actually missing out on a hell lot of security for yourself and your data when your are patrolling online everyday, every moment!

This isn't just another online security software, this is an art of sheer intelligence and a creation of a flexible approach for perfection!

P.S.: Although, the name and functionalities might engage you into thinking that this might be a complicated software to use, I say "NO!", using CyberScrub Privacy Suite is very easy, but you need a bit of patience because if you know, encryption, and all these stuff requires time for completion. Altogether, it is a real good buy!
So what are you waiting for, stop thinking, go get it!


Now, for everyone, this software is a gift! Otherwise if you are the geek, get it, and then program something new, so that I can write another review!