Betty's Beer Bar Review

Betty's Beer Bar Reminiscent of Tapper (1983)

Submitted by swjuser on Sat, 2011-05-28 10:00.
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If you're an old-school gamer like me, and you liked Tapper, you'll probably like this game, as well.
Aside from the mouse problems...none.

Betty's Beer Bar, a game made available from Big Fish Games, possesses charming artwork, a cute storyline and a gameplay that reminds me of a game that I played when I was but a teenager, Bally Midway's Tapper in 1983.

If any of you have every played the game, Tapper's protagonist was a bartender who sought to satisfy his patron's thirsts before they descended upon him. If they were not properly served by the time they reached him, the player lost a life.

Fortunately, for our bartending Betty, the stakes are more monetary than physical while the demanding and impatient patrons still remain. I'd like to note that the gameplay and the graphics of this game will be significantly better that those of the old-school Tapper arcade game...not hard to do against an arcade game from 1983.

It was fun to play for a short time however, the game I played experienced some mouse problems. I'm not sure if this was due to a driver error on my system's part or the game may not interface well to my particular mouse drivers. The actual gameplay, itself, was about as entertaining as playing a few rounds of Tapper.

The selection screens and navigation processes, in my opinion, were intuitive and easy to follow. Finding contact information in order to seek assistance for the mouse issue was a problem.


This game takes an "oldie-but-goodie" arcade theme and respins it with well-executed artwork, a storyline and simple game mechanics. Kids, and old-schoolers, should enjoy this.