3D Live Snooker Review

3D snooker review-fun game! try it!

Submitted by Fall0ut3 on Mon, 2011-05-30 22:03.
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The lowest price: 29$
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Good graphics! game-plays are AWESOME! very reliable company!You will experience zero problem with them!
Somehow poor sound! for me its really terrible! understanding the keyboard rules is a bit hard, but when you finally get it you understand that it was worth it!

Well where should I begin? its a nice-snooker-game that i ever played! And yes! I played a lot snooker games(I'm kind of fan, not big, but I love to spend sometime playing snooker).
It has great graphics!Still there is a much more to improve on the AA quality.The sound, however,is somehow poor, I didnt expect the sound to be so poor! I have a sound card X-fi 5.1 stereo, and the sound is just almost terrible. I dont know if its a problem in my sound card but, read some more reviews on the sound problem.
And lets not forget about the keyboard keys...
I find it hard to understand the game, after i read in the forum on how to play this game, i finally got it! and it was worth the time!
Very reliable company! When my friend recommended me on this game, he said that he never had trouble buying this game from them!...
If your'e looking on spending some time playing games that does not require high-end PC performance so I suggest you to at least try this game! dont worry you wont be disappointed...

I dont know if its a bug but, i wrote review on this product and somehow the review never submited!...so thats why i wrote a new one^^^


In the end of the day, buying this software is a good idea! PFB!(PriceForBuck) if you are not High end Gamer who wants to play some quit awesome snooker 3D without having HIGH PERFORMANCE PC,i suggest you to buy it! or at least give it a try!