Dropheads Review

Great Family Fun

Submitted by iggle36 on Wed, 2007-04-25 15:20.
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Easy game to learn. Very fun to play. Extremely addictive. Good for all ages.
Pop ups tend to be annoying. Music is not very great. Is not very original.

An addictive game, that is easy to play, and a ton of fun. Dropheads will make time fly, as you race to match cute colored faces together, to advance to the next challenge.

This Tetris like puzzle game, is very easy to play, and I was able to catch on right away. At first the game seemed too easy for me, but as I played, the higher levels became challenging. I soon found myself trying very hard to advance.

The game can be fun for almost anybody to use. My nine year old cousin tried it, and was having a ball within minutes. Dropheads, kept my Grandmother busy for hours! Trust me when I tell you this, Dropheads is addictive!


I would definately reccomend this game. It gets very addictive, and was a blast to play.