Age of Castles Review

Age of Castles

Submitted by gnbkeller on Wed, 2011-06-01 00:22.
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- Easy to control your kingdom - Good music - Love the little builders, building the castle - Graphics are very good, a great blend of realism and cartoon - The Fighting is interesting to watch - Leveling up is very understandable and gives you more power and defence to fend off your new incoming enemies
- Could have been a bit more RTS in that you control your soldiers to fight little enemeies on the field or in your castle - Leveling up really is annoying in a way, because you always have to move to a new location wether you want to or not -Needs more music to help paint different moods when you visit the various locations in the game

Age of Castles is by far my favorite strategy game of this type, the attention to detail and the leveling up are very unique to the title. I find myself playing for hours and hours, missing dinner and later getting myself a late night snack just so I can level up to the level 5 Wizard. I love how the little builders can be seen around and on the castle, hammering away, endlessly. The enemies that come to fight you and take your kingdom are so varied, one minute your fighting a dragon, the next a demon army, I Love it!. You get to choose from 5 differnt kings, one is a bit of a wizard or and he collects scrolls and often gives you 50 gems or more. Another is more of your traditional knight, he stregthens your army and your defence giving more people as you go. The Dwarf king is there to give you money over time and help build your castle.

There is a map and on this map are over a dozen areas for you and your castle to move to, when you level up it would behoove you to move to a new location otherwise you will start loseing people and resources. You move from place to place, meeting new people who either want to join your kingdom ie. Elves, or want to destroy it ie. Orcs or Trolls. All the places are displayed in the background behind your castle when you arrive there and they are very interesting to look at. Added to the atmophere is the occasional storm or snow storm just to aggetate you a little bit more.

I love the overall look of the game, I've played it for countless hours, and the music is good as well but it doesn't have much variance. Overall I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.


I absolutely Love this game and I recommend it to all Strategy lovers, and Computer gamists alike. 10 Stars ^_^