Word Up Review

Word Up: After a while, I wanted to put it (word) down.

Submitted by MisterKramer on Wed, 2011-06-01 06:40.
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Makes one use their brain, helps with vocabulary, assists in keeping a sharp mind
Replay value does not last long, overpriced, bad sounds and corny graphics, mediocre level of fun

Normally, I love word games. I enjoy using my brain to find and create words which will enhance my vocabulary, and as a game, there's always a slight sense of satisfaction when there's a score to beat, and you beat it!

The main jist of this game is pretty simply. It's basically a larger "Boggle," but with a couple more game modes and special sound effects. Word Up contains 3 different game modes: Action, Arcade, and Vanilla Swirl. The one I found myself playing most often was Arcade mode, where I must put together a string of letters to form a different words as fast as I can.

The game board lays tiles with letters on them in a block of 36 - 6 rows and 6 columns of letters. Each tile has a different letter of the alphabet on it, and by combining tiles that are directly next to each other in any direction, or tiles that are diagonal to each other, one can form different words that are worth different point values. The longer the words, the more points they are worth. Simple! Also, the more obscure the letter (such as Q, Z, X), the more points one will receive for creating words that incorporate these letters. Basically, the player searches around the game board, finds tiles that can form words, and keeps playing until the time runs out. At the end of the game, a score is totaled, and that is what the player strives to surpass with each and every play.

The graphics of this game are pretty simple. A few large buttons lead to the menu, options, how-to-play, friends, etc, and the largest button the player will see, is obviously "play." Word Up comes with corny sound effects and music (which can get annoying after a while), all of which create a mediocre experience.

All in all, the game is not very complex. It is a basic word game, so if one is looking for an online "Boggle" experience, this is the game to purchase. However, that being said, I do believe that this game is overpriced. $5 would cover the value of Word Up. It is a word game that serves its purpose, but it does not impress me in any unique way, and it is an experience that leaves me wanting more.


Word Up is a word game that will help with one's vocabulary while they search around a game board for tiles that can create different words, but its gameplay is mediocre and unimpressive, which makes it a game that is forgettable.