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PaintBuster - worth it? full opinion!

Submitted by Fall0ut3 on Fri, 2011-06-03 15:44.
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The lowest price: 35$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Piece of cake to use! Easy as hell! beautiful software, if you hate those hard learning softwares like Photoshop, I suggest you to consider paintbuster!
The price!They could make it better by dropping at least 20~10$... The lack of options in the menu, compare to Photoshop

To begin with, paint died since Photoshop came in, it was a massive defeat for the paint!The paint had zero chance against Photoshop!
But, can paint return fire? Yes! They can! With paint-buster they returned pretty good fire against Photoshop! But still, Photoshop win this one,well all of em, but paintbuster did one hell of a job.

In addition, according to some research I've done in the internet,
Photoshop had 98% of buyers while paint series had only 2%...
But! Paintbuster bumped the percent into 14% of buyers!
"Its a easy software to use" one of the costumers said.
Unlike Photoshop, which you need skills and knowledge of days,weeks, or even months of learning! Paintbuster, you just read 3 or 4 paragraphs and you get it all!
Its easy, fun, awesome software to use if you hate all those hard learning softwares like Photoshop!
Ive tried Photoshop CS3...Hard...Very hard! For me, I cant even do simple task like editing text or drawing with the brush...
But when I tried Paintbuster, every thing seem so easy!
I could do something that I couldn't even imagine doing it on Photoshop!
Brush, drawing, editing, and a lot more!
When I first saw this software, I thought to my-self,"What the hack is that? A retarded version of paint?", But after a while I decided to give it a try!
I downloaded the trial, which is free, and tried it!
For the first time in my entire life of using softwares, I saw a bright light!That bright light was Paintbuster! E-A-S-Y!
I did not even read the instructions on the web, it was so easy!
You don't suppose to have a major knowledge about softwares like that! Just the basic knowledge,which I bet you have, if not I feel sorry for you!...

Well, lets talk about the price!
for this software its pretty high!I would at least make the price drop to 10 bucks, in this case the percent of buyers will increase!
But after all, the price is not that bad! For this software it is bad but ask your-self, do I really want to be stuck with hard learning software? Or to just pay 35 bucks and save some,well a lot, of time trying to figure out if that is a brush or a stick-draw...

After we discussed about the positive, lets talk about the negative.
The price!Price!Price! And more price!Its high, we all know it, but is it really worth it? For me, I'm glad I even tried it!
The lack of options, compare to Photoshop, is high, very high.
Lets say that, Photoshop is for Pro, Paintbuster is for beginners!
Before you try to explore your knowledge with Photoshop, try Paintbuster to achieve the basic.
Sure the Photoshop is more big, a lot of options and more stylish,
but is it really worth it to break your head trying to figure out how to use the Photoshop when you can simply buy paintbuster and enjoy easy software.


In the end of the day, buying this software is really a good choice! having paintbuster is really good idea! Photoshop is hard as hell, while paintbuster gives you a good easy going way to draw your art.