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MIDI Maestro

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Midi Maestro is music software designed for use by amateur and professional music directors.
Midi maestro views and layout used most often during a live performance include view of maestro, trackview, clip view etc

MIDI Maestro is music software designed for use of amateur and professional music directors, conductors and musicians in live musical accompaniment situations eg worship bands, techno bands tape etc. It also a midi maker design for Guitar soloists, professional gigs to Rehearsal tapes and sessions or music composition and music Education.
With the MIDI Maestro help you can offer more interactive control by a conductor when he is playing a keyboard it will follow the keyboard player's lead, changing tempo and dynamic expression as necessary.(Midi controller by keyborad or foot switch).
The Edit menu contains basic editing commands like cut and paste as well as such advanced features as Quantize and Randomize.
MIDI Maestro maintains an unlimited "Undo" list for each song that is open. No matter how much editing you do, pressing Ctrl+Z enough times should return the song to the way it was when you opened it. If you change your mind after using undo, just use the "redo" ( Ctrl+Y) command.
You will find the standard "clipboard" commands here: copy (Ctrl+C), paste (Ctrl+V) and cut (Ctrl+X) a combination of copy and delete.
The find commands, Time command and Audio command have their own articles.
The properties command is used to edit a number of different objects, including events, cues and tracks.
Before using one of the Edit commands Move, Duration,Quantize,Velocities, Transpose, Randomize or Thin, you first must select events, select-one or more tracks or select a range a time. You may also select tracks and then a range of time.


It is also a powerful Midi creation and editing tool. The staff view organize music into standard notation. Printing is also supporte.